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12 October 2030 @ 05:22 am

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11 October 2004 @ 05:30 pm
i'm in ravenclaw!

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Fruits Basket Blog Crew
[+] Honda Tohru
[+] Souma Kyou
[+] Souma Yuki
[+] Souma Kagura
[+] Souma Kisa
[+] Souma Momiji
[+] Souma Shigure
[+] Souma Hatori
[+] Souma Ayame
[+] Souma Akito
[+] Uotani Arisa

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D.N.Angel Blog Crew
[+] Niwa Daisuke
[+] Dark Mousy
[+] Hiwatari Satoshi
[+] Krad
[+] Harada Risa
[+] Harada Riku
[+] Saga Keiji
[+] With

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YugiOh Blog Crew
[+] Yami Yuugi
[+] Jounouchi Katsuya
[+] Mazaki Anzu
[+] Bakura Ryou
[+] Yami Bakura
[+] Malik Ishtar
[+] Kaiba Seto
[+] Kaiba Mokuba
[+] Otogi Ryuuji
[+] Pegasus J. Crawford
[+] Kisara
[+] Blue Eyes White Dragon

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Chobits Blog Crew
[+] Chii/Elda
[+] Dark Chii/Freya
[+] Shinbo Hiromu
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Yoroiden Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors LJ Crew

Created by metalsyko
Samurai Troopers:
[x] Rekka no Ryo
[x] Suiko no Shin
[x] Tenkuu no Touma
[x] Korin no Seiji
[x] Oni no Shuten Douji
[x] Gen no Rajura
[x] Kayura

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I am Hinoto in the X/1999 Blog Crew.
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11 October 2004 @ 05:12 pm
*huffs* How could Mother interuppt Helm's Deep and the Leggy scenes for the news? -_-*


*snorts and wanders off*
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11 October 2004 @ 11:54 am
*stretches* Finished that stupid Government essay!! *^_^*

Now, all I have left to do is a Government two-paragraph situation thingy and a Psych coloring assignemtn about the brain.


Psych can wait until tomorrow. -_-


Government can wait for a minute or two...or three...or three hours. ^_^;;

Time ot go bug Alan about Two Towers!! *^_^*
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11 October 2004 @ 10:21 am

*sniffs* I just learned this from Ryo-ohki, and I'd like to put it here.

Christopher Reeves died yesterday.

Ra bless Superman...


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11 October 2004 @ 10:14 am
Two Government assignemnts, one Psych assignment.

If I finish them in time, I can see Two Towers extended edition. ^_^


I know that tomorrow there's school.

But I'm dreading going back. (*coughs* Icn. *points to LJ icon*)

*goes off to do homework*
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10 October 2004 @ 11:20 pm
Now, I am the proud owner of the following:

*D.N.Angel #4 - *screaming and clutching Dark* NO! My precious Dark!! T_T
*Fruits Basket #5 - Kisa-chan!! *^_^* It's sad because I see so much of myself in her...plus, Hatsu-chan is close friends with her. *_*
*Rurouni Kenshin #6-7 - Still reading them.
*Matrix: Reloaded CDs - Very good!!
*Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Extended DVDs


I am in utter Heaven with the last thing...*___*

(Tomorrow: I need...to do my homework. ^_^;)
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10 October 2004 @ 10:06 am
Mwah. And a ha.

I'm going to help Mom out in school today from 12:00 to 4:00. Then we go to Borders.

Which means manga, DVDs, and CDs galore.

Mwah. Ha. Ha.

YEAH!! *^_^*
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09 October 2004 @ 11:59 pm

I should go to sleep. Made new icons. Gonna make more. Would make more if Photoshop was working.

I should go to sleep...But if I do, then I'll remember what happened and I'll cry on my Legolas pillowcase and I can't do that because...well, it's Legolas!! O.O


I should go to sleep.

I will. And dream of Leggy. Mwah. >_<

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09 October 2004 @ 03:01 pm
At my grandparents' house. I love spending time with them! *^_^*

Except when they start mock-arguing with Mom about which of the kids has the most pictures in the photo album. -_-' (Which is what they're doing now.)

Pap-pap (my grandpa) seems to be doing all right after his knee surgery. He still has to go into therapy, but his recovery isn't going too well. O.O,


*sighs* Tomorrow, I'm helping Mom at her school. Then we're going to Borders - 25% for teachers on everything in the store.

And Mom'll pay for my stuff to get the discount for me. Sweetness. >_<

But tonight I'll be doing something more important...

...like making Tom Welling icons and backgrounds.

And the same for Orlando Bloom. (The Orlando-Bloom Shrine on my wall is now the Bloom-Welling Shrine.)

*bows before Shrine in head* NOT WORTHY, NOT WORTHY!! *^_^*
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