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09 October 2004 @ 03:01 pm
At the Grandparents'  
At my grandparents' house. I love spending time with them! *^_^*

Except when they start mock-arguing with Mom about which of the kids has the most pictures in the photo album. -_-' (Which is what they're doing now.)

Pap-pap (my grandpa) seems to be doing all right after his knee surgery. He still has to go into therapy, but his recovery isn't going too well. O.O,


*sighs* Tomorrow, I'm helping Mom at her school. Then we're going to Borders - 25% for teachers on everything in the store.

And Mom'll pay for my stuff to get the discount for me. Sweetness. >_<

But tonight I'll be doing something more important...

...like making Tom Welling icons and backgrounds.

And the same for Orlando Bloom. (The Orlando-Bloom Shrine on my wall is now the Bloom-Welling Shrine.)

*bows before Shrine in head* NOT WORTHY, NOT WORTHY!! *^_^*
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music: my brother mowing the lawn